What’s In Our Tool Box?

Our Studio Can Travel

Your time is valuable, as we can set up our studio within your office, you don't have to travel. Bringing in backdrops, lights, audio, cameras, anything required for a shoot.

Digital Stabilising System

We feature motorised camera stabilisers, which are Hollywood's absolute favourite. We provide cinema grade motion control to elevate the production value on a budget.

ROI Boosting Solution

You love your video, but we know you also care about the ROI; we use professional marketing tools to measure your video performance and achieve a desired result.

Timely Deliverables

Nothing Fancy here, but we use our traditional timekeeping and project management tools to ensure we never miss a deadline. Same-day Edit or 24-hour Delivery, you name it.

360° Filming & Virtual Reality

We are able to film and edit in 360°, as well as providing cutting edge Virtual Reality solutions, giving the audience a most impactful visual experience.

Aerial Filming

Our CAA qualified drone operators fly DJI inspire 2 with 4K cameras. Our experienced pilot can even fly indoors, making the impossible possible.

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Video marketing is more than just view numbers.
It needs to create true ROI for your business.