Magic Plan Software Intro & Tutorial Video

Client: Magic Plan
Date: 1S October 2017
Services: Survey

Magic Plan App Go Throw Videos

MP 1 How To Get Started

MP 2 Geolocation of Site

MP 3 Creating a plan

MP 4 Adding in Doors Windows

MP 5 Adding Structural Object

MP 6 Adding a Fire Safety Sign

MP 7 Adding Lighting Duplicating Lighting Sympols

MP 9 Adding Fire Device

MP 10 Adding Switches Outlets

MP 11 Adding a IT Comms Media

MP 12 Using the Camera To Measure An Object

MP 13 Adding HVAC Symbol

MP 14 How to Freestyle Draw a Room

MP 15 Merging Rooms

MP 16 Filler Room

MP 17 Exporting Plan

MP 3 Creating a plan_V2

MP 12 Using the Camera To Measure An Object_V2

Energy Eye Training Video

EE 1 How to Create a New Customer Profile

EE 2 How to search for a customer

EE 3 How to access the energy plan survey information

EE 4 Lighting Survey Data

EE 5 Full Building Survey

EE 6 Lighting Design

EE 7 Variation Orders

EE 9 Photos and Documents

EE 10 Assets

EE 9 Photos and Documents_V2