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The best solar-powered streetlights that are low-cost and robust.

SiliconCPV CrowdCube Found Raising Video

Silicon CPV plc is a UK developer, designer and leading provider of cost-effective, commercial grade conventional and concentrated solar cells known as “Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar Arrays”, converting energy from the sun into renewable energy. Over the last 10 years, Silicon CPV plc has consistently achieved delivery of groundbreaking technological designs and solutions for both commercial and power generating organisations. The solutions created by the company reduce and remove the dependency of the world on conventional fuel generation and current energy sources in the future by replacing traditional fuel sources.

Silicon CPV plc has previously raised £200k equity investment from seed funding during 2016. The company is now seeking a further £1M of equity investment on a valuation of £2M to support sales growth, strengthen working capital requirements to allow fulfilment of orders, and to enter into other emerging markets. The business plan focuses on the business requirements for further involvements in the most profitable markets with the product portfolio.   Further funding may be required at a later date to further grow the business once the market requirements and products developed have been further qualified.

Client: Silicon CPV Plc.
Date: 30th August 2017
Services: Solar street lights

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