What is GDPR? A HubSpot Social Media Campaign

Hilarious Encounters on the Streets of Liverpool Street: Unveiling GDPR Misconceptions

Step into the past as we revisit a hilarious video series shot on the lively streets of Liverpool Street, capturing unsuspecting individuals' comical responses to the question, "What is GDPR?" These entertaining campaign videos for HubSpot take a light-hearted approach to shed light on the common misconceptions surrounding the then-new legislation on data protection.

Unintentional Comedy Unveiled:
Our portfolio page features a collection of side-splitting interviews conducted during a time when GDPR was still a mystery to many. Witness the genuine confusion, amusing guesses, and outlandish interpretations of passers-by as they try to unravel the acronym's meaning. This light-hearted content showcases the funny side of GDPR's initial impact on public awareness and highlights the evolving understanding of data protection.

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