Video Application

How to implement video strategy to a business?

What Type Of Video May Benefit Your Business?

Effective videos proven to get noticed, and get results.

Live Action Videos

Live Action is not only about Live Events, it refers to all filming activity that requires cameras. This will, therefore, include interviews, talking heads, corporate videos, event videos, etc.

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Explainer & Motion Graphics

Do you have a great product but find it difficult to explain? We specialise in converting complexity into elegance, with compelling videos that make your product irresistible.

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Branded Social Content

Apply video marketing solutions to maximise the impact of your social media campaign. From educational videos to product demos, whatever your content needs, we can turn it into videos.

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Training & Support Video

Whether you need to train your staff, get new users on board, create a guided tour or build a library of tutorials for customers, Lumira Studio can help you boost engagement with your users.

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